(PHP 5)

php_check_syntax --  Check the PHP syntax of the specified file


bool php_check_syntax ( string file_name [, string &error_message])

The php_check_syntax() function performs a syntax (lint) check on the specified filename testing for scripting errors. This is similar to using php -l from the commandline.

If the error_message parameter is used, it will contain the error message generated by the syntax check. error_message is passed by reference.

The following example shows how this function can be used.

Example 1. php_check_syntax() example


= "";
$filename = "./tests.php";

php_check_syntax($filename, $error_message)) {
printf("Errors were found in the file %s:\n\n%s\n", $filename, $error_message);
} else {
printf("The file %s contained no syntax errors.", $filename);


The output of the above script could look something like this:

Errors were found in the file ./tests.php:

parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /tmp/tests.php on line 81